The Demountable Walling Solution

Demountable Walling – The Drywalling Alternative

Do you need more space to yourself? Do you want to create separate areas in the office? When moving to a new premises is not the best option, doing a little interior alterations could be. When it comes to changing the interior workspace, there are many options to consider, so you are bound to feel overwhelmed with the choices to make and the price of each option.

In the past, permanent changes might have been the norm, but over the years, drywalling became the popular option. Many might have believed that drywalling would dominate the market forever, but that has changed with the introduction of demountable walling. Demountable walling is sustainable, offers an exceptional return on investment, and is also highly flexible.

Specifications for Demountable Walling – Click Here For More Detailed Information.

Why You Should Choose Demountable Walling Over Drywalling

Demountable walls have many benefits when compared to drywalls, a few of which are listed below:

  • Demountable walls are easily changed and moved to fit in with a changing work environment and space. Unfortunately, drywalls are permanent features that cannot be relocated.
  • The installation time for a demountable wall is far quicker than a dry wall and also far less disruptive to the work environment.
  • Once demountable walls are installed, they can easily be moved, relocated, and reused without damage to the property. In most instances, between 70% and 100% of the material can be reused. Drywalling needs to be demolished if it needs to be removed or changed, which means that there is a considerable amount of mess and damage left behind to be dealt with.
  • With demountable walls, the design options are almost unlimited, which is not the case with drywalling.

Whether you are trying to split office space or merely want to create a few separate areas for meeting rooms or client consultations, demountable walling from Jax Wox is the answer. We have worked on many projects and created workspaces that are ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, and professional in their appeal. We can also include power in the skirting, which can be configured as per your requirements.

As demountable walling is a versatile and flexible product/material, we recommend that you consult with us on your requirements, so that we can work on a design with you. Our demountable walling units are 100% locally manufactured and because they are considered furniture items, they are tax deductible too.

Contact Jax Wox for All Your Demountable Walling Needs

If you are looking for a less-permanent alternative to drywalling, you have come to the right place. To discuss your needs and to set up an appointment so that we can view your premises, simply get in touch with us. You can send us an email or give us a call for more help.

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