Curved Screens In The Workplace

Custom-Made Curved Screens to Beautify and Separate Areas in the Workspace

If you have an open-plan workspace, there can be many benefits. You can save on the cost of space, air conditioning becomes a great deal easier, and you can be creative about how you set things up (this often helps to better utilise space). However, there can also be a few downsides to an open-plan workspace. Lack of privacy and separated work areas can prove challenging for many employees. But, this can easily be dealt with. At Jax Wox, we offer a variety of custom-made curved screens that are absolutely ideal for separating work areas, as well as improving the appearance of the office space.

Effective and ergonomic office space design is all about the “flow” of the workspace. Rigid screens and separations might not be ideal for your workspace and could even affect the overall aesthetic appeal. Curved screens are designed to allow designers to create an office that actually flows. Each curved screen is 23 mm thick and can be custom made according to our clients’ unique specifications. Partial partitions, full partitioning, and even desk partitioning can be achieved with our custom-made curved screens, which are available in various styles and colours to suit your workspace and theme.

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors on the market is the fact that our products are 100% South African. We also ensure that all our products are installed professionally and meticulously by our team of experienced and highly trained installers. There’s no such thing as a sloppy or shoddy job from Jax Wox, as we guarantee our workmanship and do whatever we can to work with your space planner, interior designer, and even architect to make sure that your office partitions are effective and aesthetically pleasing.

When you take a close look at a Jax Wox curved screen, you will notice that it has a smooth and elegant finish. The entire system is designed to clip into each panel, which means that you can easily install a power supply, change configurations as needed, and remove the screens if it’s time to move premises. Our screens have been designed to be durable. In fact, there should be no reason to replace a Jax Wox curved screen once it is installed.

If you want to learn more about our curved screens and how to incorporate them in your open-plan office space, just give us a call or send us an email for further assistance.

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