Room Dividers for your Office Space

Room Dividers for the Office Space – Get Yours Today!

Room dividers have value in the residential home, as well as in the office environment, especially if you don’t want to fork out thousands of rands for permanent structural changes. Construction in the residential and commercial market can be quite expensive. For the business owner that is renting premises, this is the ideal solution to creating separate office areas without having to purchase premises, which ultimately means relocating. Even if you own your own premises, you might not want the expenses and business interruptions that comes with construction work.

Opting for room dividers instead of structural changes doesn’t mean that you will have to settle for second best. There is nothing inferior about room dividers when you select the right products and have them professionally installed. At Jax Wox, we have a variety of room dividers for you to choose from, including the following:

  • Desk-based screens
  • Floor-based screens
  • Demountable walling screens
  • Velcro screens
  • Foldable divider partitions
  • Curved screens

The Benefits of Incorporating Room Dividers into Your Office Space

There are a multitude of reasons why room dividers are more beneficial for your office space than structural changes. Some of these benefits are listed for you below:

  • Capitalise on natural light. Without walls, the natural light in an open office space won’t need to be assisted by artificial lighting.
  • Room dividers can incorporate aesthetic appeal. They can be designed to include your corporate colours and trendy designs. For a classy, modern appeal, you can opt for glass partitioning.
  • You can provide your staff members with privacy without shutting them off from each other. Employees might want to make phone calls and meet with clients in privacy, but don’t actually want to be cut off from the team. Room dividers are ideal for creating semi-private workspaces without completely separating employees.

Buy Room Dividers at Jax Wox

At Jax Wox, we provide our customers with an extensive range of room dividers to choose from. We work with your space planner and interior designer to ensure that your new dividers will be correctly installed to make the most of your available space. If you would like to install room dividers that help you to capitalise on your space and natural light, and provide the functionality required without incurring a large cost, we encourage you to learn more about our range at Jax Wox.

To chat with one of our consultants, contact us via email or telephone at Jax Wox today.

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