Desk Based Screens

The Jax Wox Desk Based Divider Screens are aluminium framed and are 23mm thick. We are able to customise to our client’s needs and offer curved or rectangular divider options in many variations.

Our divider screens come standard with an accessory rail and double up as a pin board. Some of the design combinations can include the incorporation of glass, lexan or perspex and we offer a very wide range of fabrics to choose from.

This elegant divider screen is also designed to offer power reticulation thus eliminating the use of cable trays, making it a perfect solution for call centres. We are able to also incorporate a monitor into our divider screens thereby clearing more desk space.

The Jax Wox Desk Based Divider Screen boasts an easy clip in system which makes installation quick and effortless. The Desk Based Divider Screens are mounted either on top or between desks using a universal desk bracket.


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