Demountable Walling

The Jax Wox Demountable Walling is the answer to the everchanging office environment. This is the perfect substitute for Drywalling and Wall Paneling, and can be relocated quickly with no mess and limited disruption to the office environment.   


  • 63mm thick;
  • Maximum Glass Panel width – 1200w;
  • Maximum Fabric Panel width – 1200w;
  • Maximum Laminate/Perspex (whiteboard) – 1500w;
  • Single Door Panel width – 900w (Glass/Laminate/Masonite);
  • Double Door Panel width – 1800w (Glass/Laminate/Masonite);
  • Sliding door option available;
  • Aluminium ‘Clip in’ system;
  • Aluminium sections supplied in natural anodised or powder coated to your colour requirements;
  • Laminate partitions come standard with high acoustic values due to the nature of the panel. The corrugated board ‘honeycomb’ filler gives the panel added acoustic qualities. Extra fibreglass soundproofing can be incorporated if
  • required;
  • Fully integrated Power Skirting available with power configuration as per specifications;
  • Many material options available including Laminates, wallpaper, paintable, Perspex, Lexan, Glass and Fabric. Vinyl/Decals can be applied on request;
  • Glass panels include 5mm toughened glass;
  • 100% locally designed and manufactured;
  • System is classified as furniture and is tax deductible.

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