Innovative Floor and Desk Partitions for Every Workspace

No two businesses operate in exactly the same way. To accommodate for this, most modern commercial premises offer larger, open-plan spaces for rent. While this holds many benefits, it also puts the responsibility on you to create the interior infrastructure required by the operations of your business. Modern officepartitions allow you to produce this necessary workflow infrastructure, as well as create dedicated workstations with the required privacy where necessary.

While practical and relatively easy to install, you first need a detailed plan before you rush out and buy any type of partitions. This could be more complicated than you think. Luckily, the experts at Jax Wox are ready to assist. We are leading local manufacturers of both floor- and desk-based partitions, as well as demountable walling – an innovative alternative to drywalling.

Full-Service Solution

We are so much more than only manufacturers of partitions. We understand the importance of a well-considered workspace and what it takes to achieve it. We apply our expertise to bring you a full-service solution that includes:

  • Site surveying: We visit your site to get acquainted with all the physical features of the space, and to discuss all the unique requirements of your business.
  • Space planning: Our experts will provide professional space planning to maximise your space and support your operations.
  • Manufacturer: Proudly produced 100% locally, we custom make our products to your specific requirements.
  • Retailer: We believe in manufacturing affordable solutions.
  • Delivery: We will ensure that your partitions are delivered to your premises safely and on time.
  • Installer: We will also handle the installation, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality, exactly as you imagined.

Smart Products

Our extensive range of partitions are of high quality and designed to provide a solution for every office need. What’s more, they are beautifully finished to ensure that your workspace always looks professional and stylish. Our product range includes:

  • Curved screens
  • Desk-based screens
  • Floor-based screens
  • Power panels
  • Power reticulated screens
  • Demountable walling
  • Velcro screens
  • Desk bullets
  • Tiffany Econo screens
  • Foldable divider partitions
  • WoXPoD (Meeting rooms for open-plan offices)

Transform your workspace into an inspirational hub of productivity with the help of Jax Wox and our innovative floor- and desk-based partitions. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to arrange a site survey. Together we can create a space that impresses your clients, keeps your employees happy, and boosts your company’s productivity.

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