Office Screening Has 6 Calming And Productive Benefits For Your Work Needs

Office screening, no matter what your workspace is like, goes beyond aesthetics and design. Choosing the correct office screening creates a trendy, modern aesthetic to the overall design of mundane open-plan offices. Better yet, innovative office screening and partitions save space, create more privacy, streamline your office layout, reduce noise, and promote a calmer, more productive work environment.

We understand that companies choose open-plan layouts to foster an environment where members can work together creatively and collaboratively. The intention behind open designs is good, however, businesses now realise it is not the most effective layout and may even hinder employee productivity.

At Jax Wox, our team pays careful consideration to the type of business you are trying to create. Therefore, we do our best to align our innovative designs to fit your vision.

However, open-plan layouts are often noisy and invasive, which is why Jax Wox is an outstanding solution for workspaces reconsidering their office design.

The benefits go beyond what you would expect, which is why we are listing six key benefits you need to know now.

Why Is Office Screening Necessary?

Have you ever worked in an office?

Then you are probably familiar with the frustration of the ‘openness’ collaborative workspaces usually bring.

Whether it is talkative co-workers, incessant phone ringing, or even just the subtle hum of an air conditioning unit. The open office is flooded with constant, nagging distractions. When there are constant distractions, you may end up feeling irritated and frustrated.

So, if you are finding yourself in this position then you are the exact reason why open layouts might be making businesses less productive and noisy rather than more efficient and calmer.

office screening with 6 benefits using Jaxwox

Why Does Noise Matter?

Acoustics are one of the reasons why office screening is essential to work performance.

According to science, noise is one of the most complained about aspects within open space work environments.

Let us talk science.

Sound waves like ripples you see by dropping a stone into water will bounce from solid surface to solid surface until they eventually dissipate. So, if you have got rustic stone walls, a thinly carpeted floor, and no barriers in between, then all noise is going to travel across the office and back again.

Therefore, if you have a habit of tapping your pen on the desk or whistling when you are bored, then there is a good chance that everyone else can hear you. All repetitive noises will draw attention to them.

We are not suggesting you lock people in soundproof boxes, but an adjustment in layout with office screening services is required.

office screening with 6 benefits using Jaxwox

6 Subtle Benefits Of A Calm & Productive Workspace With Office Screening

It is possible to still maintain a collaborative, interactive, and creative workspace while eliminating noisy distractions.

The key to office screening and promoting a calm and productive environment is flexibility within the office, yourself, and the layout design.

1. Use The Space & Cut Costs

Our team at Jax Wox, can assist you in adding office screening, partitions, and demountable walling which provides flexibility and convenience to transform all spaces without changing existing building structures which saves money.

Simply adding dividers into existing areas can cleverly transform your office space giving you the option to alter and change layouts over time.

Our innovative office screening creates an effective visual privacy barrier, in both seated and standing positions, and can match the aesthetics of your office along with reducing noise and distractions.

2. Productivity And Privacy

It does not matter if you are installing freestanding office screening, demountable walling, desk-based screens, floor-based screens, or foldable partitions these will all create a private and secure environment for employees. This will allow them to feel comfortable, calm, and focused.

office screening with 6 benefits using Jaxwox

Providing dedicated space to employees gives them autonomy, making them feel valued by the company.

The goal is to create individual hubs with our innovative office screening to give employees the option to collaborate but still have privacy when needed.

Privacy will enhance productivity and calm since office screening blocks out distractions and visual stimuli. Therefore, employees can focus on their tasks without external distractions.

Contact our team at Jax Wox to redesign your workspace.

3. Maintain Peace & Quiet

We believe the biggest dilemma offices face with open-plan layouts, is too much noise, especially in renovated warehouses.

Hard surfaces are not the best when it comes to retaining noise as they do a poor job of absorbing sounds.

Therefore, carpeting or office screening partitions made with the material can help block and reduce noise whether it is occurring inside or outside the office environment.

The stunning uniquely designed Jax Wox Divider Screen has a smooth finish and elegant look and a range of innovative features to suit your needs.

4. Power Channels

Powering up your technological devices has never been easier, which means higher productivity for your business operations.

Our cleverly designed clip-in system features its own power channels which allow you to install power-reticulated screens from either the floor or the ceiling without disrupting the screen configuration.

office screening with 6 benefits using Jaxwox

The Jax Wox power system is designed to accommodate both data and power cabling in individual channels. This clip-in system allows for easy access and installation of electrical and data cables between workstations.

The Jax Wox divider office screening is double or single-power reticulated using a wide range of electrical plug systems giving easy access to power and data points at workstations or service centres. Also, the clip-on power cover neatly hides all cabling instantly.

5. Stay Mobile

These days, progressive businesses want to stay agile and mobile because the future world of work is constantly evolving.

Business owners must be prepared for anything even if it means relocating or changing the workspace layout.

The simplest solution, in this case, is office screening with demountable walling.

Our demountable walling is the answer to everchanging office environments and is the perfect substitute for drywalling and wall panelling. Better yet, you can relocate quickly with no mess and limited disruption to the office environment.   

6. A Flexible Workspace

A rising trend, one which is embedded in most modern offices for example at Google is hot-desking. This separates the office into various pods which adhere to different types of work.

For example, quiet areas where talking is banned, loud areas where collaboration is encouraged, and hybrid areas where you may find a permanent desk of your own.

office screening with 6 benefits using Jaxwox

With this system, each employee has the freedom the pick the right environment for them.

Check out our desk-based office screening solutions, we are always happy to assist with your needs!

The Return Is A Calm, Happy, Productive Team

Whilst office screening does require a small investment, the return is often substantial over time. An office that is constantly being frustrated by continuous noise throughout the day will only encourage stress levels to rise. High stress creates issues that were not even necessary in the first place.

Whether you are a business owner or employee, office design and office screening are increasingly vital to the longevity of a business.

Creating happy working conditions helps both you and your staff to focus for longer.

This leads to better results which are a plus for everyone. While sound waves may be invisible, they surround us all the time.

Addressing them in the office creates a solid foundation for productivity and calm focus.

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