Room Dividers – Improved Office Space

How Room Dividers Can Help to Create a Better Office Space

More and more attention is being given to efficient spatial planning in modern offices. This is partly due to a change in the way we work and interact with our colleagues and clients. However, the skyrocketing prices of premium office space are also playing a huge role in driving this change.

We take a look at some of the benefits and uses of floor- and desk-based room dividers, and why you should consider them for your office:

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Open-plan offices have been all the rage for the last decade or two. From new start-ups to large tech corporates have all been singing the praises of this layout and its accompanying benefits. It has become synonymous with modern and dynamic workspaces, while the old stuffy cubicle model soon became a symbol of outdated working conditions.

However, not everyone enjoys working in the type of environment this open-plan approach creates. Room dividersallow you to create a happy medium, where you can enjoy the spatial benefits of an open-plan office, while also creating defined workspaces.

Improved Privacy

Elaborating on the point above, some people find it difficult to concentrate with others looking over their shoulders all the time, or they are easily distracted by continuous foot traffic past their desk. Room dividers can provide the necessary privacy to support work focus.

Controlling Noise Levels

Similarly, room dividers can help to control noise levels to a certain extent. While they are not necessarily soundproof, they do break the travelling of sound, and provide little pockets of isolation for enhanced concentration.

Create Workflow Channels

Floor- and desk-based room dividers can also be used to direct workflow and traffic through an open-plan office space, assisting in communication, collaboration and overall office efficiency.

Flexible Solutions

Unlike solid walls or drywall solutions, room dividers are more flexible and can be moved more easily and at a much lower cost as the space requirements in the office change. This is especially beneficial to a fast-growing business.

Solutions for All Office Sizes

Room dividers are equally suitable for large corporations or small start-ups, and provides a cost-effective solution for both in terms of space management.

For more information on room dividers, to view a range of highly innovative solutions, and for help with the spatial planning of your office, contact the leading providers in high-quality office solution: Jax Wox. Our expert team will gladly assist you with all your office needs, big or small.

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