Can Room Dividers Optimise Office Space?

Optimising Office Floorspace

 Businesses are constantly looking for solutions to optimise the floor space in their offices. With a new trend towards open floor plans, many offices are crowded. The answer lies with smart and innovative room dividers to create efficient floor layouts for a more effective work environment. Since most office buildings have large rooms, the open space can be optimised by dividing it with temporary walls. Drywalling is feasible but a lot of mess and fuss.

Jax Wox offers an alternative to drywalling with our demountable walling system. Using innovative and locally manufactured structures, our system caters to the needs of an office environment. It is customisable to give your business a variety of options. Therefore, we can cater to the needs of your office space and personal preferences and our room dividers can easily be removed again as needed. Whether you rent office space or own a building, you must maximise your floor-space utilisation for the best results. Today, we will delve into detail on how our demountable drywall can make that a reality.

By designating specific areas of an office to serve specific purposes, you create an effective work environment for your business. A large room can easily be divided into multiple offices with a hallway for access to each office. Hallways can also be created with our demountable walls to ensure that emergency exits are accessible and unobstructed. Should an area have multiple entrances, that area can simply be divided up into separate spaces to make better use of it. Some people think that by adding a demountable wall you reduce the floor space; however, adding semi-permanent walls create more useable space.

Our demountable wall system is only 63 mm thick, so it takes up less space than conventional drywalling. We offer a variety of materials and panels that can be installed in our room dividers. These include laminates, wallpaper, Perspex, Lexan, glass, fabric, and paintable surfaces. Glass and fabric panels can be up to 1200 mm in width, with laminate and Perspex available to a maximum width of 1500 mm. We can install single- and double-door panels as well, with a sliding-door option available. These door panels are available in glass, laminate, and Masonite.

Jax Wox offers a sensible alternative to drywalling for your office space. Our demountable wall system is manufactured locally and offers a customisable solution to suit your office space and preferences. For more information on how we can optimise your floor space, please peruse our website for specifications and images. Make the most of your office space with our demountable room dividers.

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