Creative uses for Office Room Dividers

How to Use Room Dividers Creatively in the Office

 Room dividers have been used in offices for decades. Not only do they allow for an effective layout that directs traffic and provides privacy, but they are also used to create comfortable spaces for people to work in. They can reduce noise and maximise the available office space by creating smaller, individual offices. There are a few ways in which they can be used to increase productivity and to create a more pleasant environment for your employees to work in. These include:

1.      Communal spaces: Room dividers can be used to create collaborative spaces where employees can brainstorm, get together for a chat and coffee, and discuss ideas. Even if you have open-plan offices, setting up a communal area with the use of room dividers can create a space which is demarcated specifically for collaboration.

2.      Combine room dividers with plants: The office environment can be a bit drab, but using plants in the office space can create a better aesthetic. Plants can be used in conjunction with room dividers to separate work areas. They provide an attractive barrier that produces oxygen and improves the overall look and feel of the office. Employees tend to react well to some greenery around them in the office and can become more productive as a result.

3.      Flexibility: Because room dividers are portable, they can be moved around to alter the spaces in the office as and when needed. If you are planning a few meetings at the same time, you can move the room dividers to create temporary meeting rooms where these meetings can take place in relative privacy. This also prevents people from becoming distracted by other movements around the office and helps them to focus better.

4.      Use multifunctional room dividers: There are so many different types of room dividers on the market that can be used in different ways. They can be used in creative ways to encourage engagement, for instance, as whiteboards for brainstorming during meetings. They can also be used as notice boards where employee memos, objectives, project tracking, photos or inspirational quotes can be posted.

Room dividers are practical, as they can completely alter the layout and atmosphere in the office. Of course, the office layout has to be planned carefully and the employees’ needs should be considered in order to create the most functional spaces with the use of the room dividers. The tasks of all the employees have to be discussed, in order to ensure that their particular office environments are suited to the jobs that they are doing. For instance, employees who need privacy will need enclosed spaces, while those who work with confidential information have to be assigned a space where they can do their jobs without people being able to see their computer screens.

For more information and other creative ways in which to use room dividers in the office, contact our team at Jax Wox today.

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