Our Alternative to Drywalling

Demountable Walling as an Alternative to Drywalling

 Drywalling is a laborious process that involves a variety of materials being combined to construct a room divider. Although this style of semi-permanent dividers is effective, they take up almost the same width as a permanent wall would. Another downfall is that they are not completely customisable. Removing them is a tedious and messy process too. Jax Wox offers a feasible and completely customisable alternative with our demountable walling solution. Now, you can make the most of your office’s floor space with our slimmer and more attractive dividers.

People want to work in an office where everything has its place. Open floor plans might be popular but are not always effective, especially if you have limited space. A large room can be divided into several offices with hallways. This division provides for a more practical work environment. By using conventional drywalling, the thickness of the drywalls reduces the overall available space too. Our demountable wall system addresses this issue by being a thinner divider. We also offer a variety of customising options to suit your business and specific office spaces.

Our product is only 63 mm thick, which is notably thinner than regular drywalling. Yet, our demountable wall system is strong, using quality materials to ensure its durability. We offer a wide range of materials that can be incorporated into our dividers as well. Laminates, wallpaper, Perspex, Lexan, glass, and fabric panels can be added to the divider. We also offer paintable panels and can add custom vinyl and decals on request, so you never have to stare at a depressing, chalk-white wall all day.

The demountable wall system can incorporate door panels, which is far more of a bother to implement with regular drywalling solutions. Single door panels are 900 mm wide and double door panels, 1800 mm. These panels can be made from glass, laminate, or Masonite. We also offer sliding door panels to further optimise floor space. By using a sliding door, the panel slides adjacent to the wall as opposed to swinging open, which takes up far more space. As a result, more space can be used around the entrance of a room, since there is no need to leave space for a swinging door.

Jax Wox offers a fully customisable and thinner alternative to conventional drywallingsolutions. Our product can transform your office space into an effective and well-planned environment. For more information on our demountable wall system, please browse our website for further specifications and an image gallery. Choose us today and make the most of your office’s floor space.

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