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Alternative Walling Solutions for the Office

When it comes to the office, design and cost-savings are major factors, especially in our current economic climate. Transient interior spaces have become the go-to for office space planners and designers, who are tasked with creating ergonomic workspaces that can change and adapt with time and as the business grows and expands. There’s a definite need for versatile walling solutions for the office space that currently has little or no interior walls and dividers.

Non-permanent walling provides business owners with the freedom to change the interior layout at will, which in today’s business market is beneficial to the business that’s growing and wants to keep up with modern trends. There are various interesting alternative walling solutions for the office to traditional interior walls built from bricks and mortar, with demountable office partitioning being a firm favourite.

The Jax Wox Range

At Jax Wox, we offer our clients a range of alternative walling solutions for the office, which includes the likes of room dividers, desk-based dividers, and demountable walling, the latter being a fantastic alternative to drywalling. With the correct walling solution and by installing the units correctly and strategically, you can truly get the most out of your office space.

We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and professionally installing non-permanent walling solutions that are durable and cost-effective. With our range of products, there is no need for permanent structural alterations to the building, which is a major perk, especially for those who are renting business premises.

As part of our professional services, we offer space planning, site surveying, and installation services too. But, as no two business premises are the same, it is important to book an appointment with us to assess the space and determine what type of walling is required.

When installing your walling, we work swiftly to ensure minimal business disruption. That is because we truly understand how distracting construction can be and how this will directly affect your bottom line. Speaking of costs, at Jax Wox we make sure to offer our clients some of the best prices on the market.

If you are ready to transform your open-plan office, we are here to assist you. Simply contact our consultants at Jax Wox if you wish to learn more about your non-permanent walling solutions. You will also be happy to learn that all of our products are 100% proudly South African manufactured.

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