Demountable Walling

Customisable Patterns & Prints Available for Demountable Walling to Enhance the Office Environment

The modern office environment is one that must be comfortable, functional and, of course, aesthetically pleasing for the customer, as well as those who work there. For many, this seems like a tall order, but for our professional team at Jax Wox, this is simple to achieve. Our secret weapon is our demountable walling and the various customisable patterns and prints available to enhance and even match your current office environment.

Before even considering the available décor options for your walling, the benefits of demountable walling will certainly impress you. If you are renting your business premises or don’t wish to make any permanent and expensive structural changes, demountable walling is the answer. This walling is lightweight, easy to install, and versatile. Best of all, the panels can be removed with relative ease and won’t damage the property. Wiring for lighting, computers, and other office equipment can very easily be incorporated into the unit, so you won’t have to worry about the mess of cables lying around or running the lengths of your office space. If you would like to create separate and more private areas in an open workspace, demountable walling provides an effective and affordable solution.

If you have been shopping around for viable partitions, you are probably familiar with the basics of demountable walling. What you probably don’t know is that the walling panels are available in a variety of materials and surface options. These include laminate, wallpaper, paint-ready, Perspex, glass, fabric and Lexan. For those who don’t want to select a standard product from a catalogue and would like to include their corporate colours, patterns, logo, quotes, or similar, there’s the option of applying vinyl or decal to the panels. These customisable patterns and prints can bring your walling panels to life and can help you create an aesthetic appeal that’s fitting for your business. The panels are removable, which means that they are easily replaced if damaged or if you want to update them for aesthetic reasons, such as changing your logo or sprucing up your corporate image.

At Jax Wox, we are just the team to assist you with designing your new office layout and installing the demountable walling. We can also present you with the various print and pattern options available, so that you can create a workspace that you can truly be proud of.

If you want to learn more about our demountable walling, we recommend that you get in touch with us.

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