Transformative Partitions in the Office

Cleverly Designed Floor and Desk Partitions to Transform Any Workspace

Most commercial properties are designed to cater for a variety of activities, thus providing only basic or generic structures inside the premises. It is up to each business owner to transform the space into a functional environment that supports and promotes the functionality of their specific endeavour. This can easily be achieved by making use of the functional and stylish range of floor and desk partitions available through Jax Wox.

As a rule, the modern work environment generally follows the open-plan template. With property at a premium, this makes a lot of sense. Open-plan designs allow for a much more economical use of space, while also allowing for greater flexibility to create an environment that suits the specific needs of individual businesses.

Innovative floor and desk partitions – such as the flexible and dynamic solutions available from Jax Wox – provide a stylish and cost-effective way to create interior structure and flow within a workplace.

Flexible, Dynamic Space Dividers

The modern-day workplace needs to be as flexible as the market in which it operates. Jax Wox offers a number of different space dividers that are both stylish and easy to adjust as you need. From foldable divider partitions to Velcro screens and floor-based divider screens, you can quickly and easily create the perfect interior to suit your needs, and change it with minimal disruption as your business grows.

Stylish, Custom-Made Designer Partitions

The Jax Wox curved divider partitioning can be used to separate areas in your workspace and beautify the environment. It is custom-made to suit your space and style, making it the perfect solution for reception areas, entertainment areas and odd-shaped interiors.

Desk-Based Partitions

Need to separate workspaces without breaking the flow of a room No problem! The Jax Wox desk-based divider screens are quick and easy to install and double up as pinboards for added functionality. It is custom-made to fit your space and is available in a variety of materials including glass, Perspex and Lexan.

Private Spaces

While open-plan work environments are very popular and practical, there is also a need for privacy at times. Jax Wox has designed an innovative WoxPod – a lightweight modular system that is easy to install and to move as needed. This movable pod is available in a variety of sizes and provides a meeting space free from distractions.

To find out more about the office solutions above – and even more partitions and other dividers – contact Jax Wox. We will gladly assist you with a custom solution for your workspace.

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