Room Dividers & Partitions

Floor- and Desk-Based Dividers

Space is a big concern for in office building. Having enough floor space and utilising it to maximum advantage of your business is crucial for an efficient work setting. New business trends see the increased use of open-floor layouts to encourage communication between colleagues. This can be beneficial in certain settings but is usually not ideal for the corporate sector. Therefore, floor-based room dividers serve as a feasible way to effectively split a large room into compartments. These screens can also be used to create offices and connecting hallways.

When sharing a desk with a colleague, desk space can become an issue because each employee’s space is not clearly demarcated and people have a lot of things on their desks. Computer towers, laptops, and monitors take up valuable desk space. Although it is possible to move the towers to the floor, a lot of other items still compete for space on the desk. Our desk-based dividers are designed to maximise the useable space on a desk that is shared by different people.

Both our floor- and desk-based dividers are framed with aluminium to form a sturdy screen. These screens are 23 mm thick and can be customised to suit the preferences of the client. We offer curved and rectangular options to ensure that the screens match their environment and deliver optimal results. Our screens include accessory rails to add some versatility. We can also add a variety of materials to the screens to offer more design possibilities and functions. These include glass, Lexan, and Perspex. Optimising the space is the sole purpose of our screens, so we offer additional power-reticulation solutions to eliminate cable and wire trays.

Our desk- and floor-based dividers can also feature a built-in monitor to free up even more useable space in meeting rooms and on desks. This simple clip-in system makes the desk screens easy to install, also giving you the option to remove them once they are not needed anymore. Using a universal desk bracket, these screens can be attached either on top or between desks. Therefore, versatility is one of these screens’ biggest benefits. Our floor-based screens offer a lightweight solution that features an elegant look. These screens can make an office environment more inviting and aesthetically pleasing, in contrast to a bland and boring work environment.

Jax Wox is a professional supplier of floor- and desk-based dividers for your office. For more information on how we can assist in optimising floor and desk space in your office, please browse our website for images and specifications on our available products.

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