Room Dividers to Boost Productivity

Room Dividers that Cater to All Types of Employees & Boost Productivity

New office trends have cropped up over the years causing a shift in what people think is currently modern and desirable in terms of office space design. Let’s take the office cubicle, for instance. Once it was the norm, but now it’s seen as an outdated and stuffy arrangement in the office space. It didn’t take long before this office trend was ousted.

Not too long ago, the concept of an open-plan office space became the fashionable thing and along with it came the open-plan setup of desks, shared breakaway areas, and completely non-private work operations. Now, while open-plan offices still have their benefits (mostly of improved office communication and more space to move), many employees are showing a trend towards wanting more private, separate areas too. The solution? Room dividers!

Room dividers provide businesses with the opportunity to have the best of both worlds – a somewhat hybrid design. Being able to incorporate an open-plan area as well as various separate and sectioned-off workspaces means that both types of employees get to benefit. Both types? What is that? Well, in the modern workspace, two types of employees are typically found:

  • Employees that thrive in a busy, open, and shared environment.
  • Employees that need privacy and separate work areas in order to work according to schedule and achieve goals.

With room dividers, noise can easily be absorbed, the hustle and bustle of the office can be cut out in certain areas, and additional privacy is given to those who need a bit of peace and quiet to fully focus on getting things done.

Enter Jax Wox Room Dividers

Keep in mind that room dividers for the office are available in various styles. There are floor-standing dividers, desk-mounted dividers, and of course, curved dividers. All of these are non-permanent, which means that no official authorisation is needed to install them, and they can be removed at any time with minimal effort and no damage to any property. Another great feature is that you can brand and decorate them with your company logo and colours. Creating a comfortable office environment that caters to all is made absolutely possible when using Jax Wox room dividers.

At Jax Wox, we can provide you with professional assistance with the measuring, design and layout, and final installation of your room dividers. We can also assist with branding and incorporating a colour scheme that fits in with your existing brand and office furniture/decor. For more information and advice, simply contact us via email or telephone today.

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