Meeting Rooms (WoXPoD)

Open Plan work environments have become the trend in today’s world and there is a growing need for private meeting rooms.

Jax Wox ‘s WoxPod has been uniquely designed to create private spaces with added flexibility in the workspace.

The WoxPod is a lightweight modular system that and can be easily installed and relocated quickly thus creating an agile workspace.

In the office environment the WoXPod provides a notable reduction in ambient noise levels creating an acoustic shadow for their occupants.

This moveable pod approach provides a wide range of room sizes with different shape options i.e. Round, Oval, Square, Retangular or S-shaped. The variations and combinations of the WoxPod are endless. The WoxPod can be furnished with a variety of furniture (seating, tabling) and can also accommodate technology such as monitors.

The panels can be power reticulated and power poles or power panels can also be incorporated.

The WoxPod can be designed to our client’s specific needs and requirements. We offer a wide range of fabrics, including an acoustic fabric range.


The JaxWox panels used in all our products consist of:

A) Corrugated Board

2x 14mm cross grained heavy duty corrugated board with a paper combination of 220w/160/225/160/225v.

The corrugation board used in the panels adds to the acoustic value of the panels.

B) Fabric

Fabric laminated with 3mm fire retardant foam. This laminated fabric is then laminated to the corrugated board with foam to foam adhesive.

An acoustic fabric is available on request and is biodegradable and is made of Eco Felt, a recycled 100% PET FELT that absorbs sound.

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