Room Dividers for the Office Space – Get Yours Today!

Room dividers have value in the residential home, as well as in the office environment, especially if you don’t want to fork out thousands of rands for permanent structural changes. Construction in the residential and commercial market can be quite expensive. For the business owner that is renting premises, this is the ideal solution to creating separate office areas without having to purchase premises, which ultimately means relocating. Even if you own your own premises, you might not want the expenses and business interruptions that comes with construction work. 

Demountable Walling – The Drywalling Alternative

Do you need more space to yourself? Do you want to create separate areas in the office? When moving to a new premises is not the best option, doing a little interior alterations could be. When it comes to changing the interior workspace, there are many options to consider, so you are bound to feel overwhelmed with the choices to make and the price of each option.

In the past, permanent changes might have been the norm, but over the years, drywalling became the popular option. Many might have believed that drywalling would dominate the market forever, but that has changed with the introduction of demountable walling. Demountable walling is sustainable, offers an exceptional return on investment, and is also highly flexible.

Specifications for Demountable Walling - Click Here For More Detailed Information.

Why Your Workplace Needs Office Screening

The fully open-plan office was a fad that went as fast as it came. While it can save space and was considered fantastic for the oh-so-trendy “team environment” of a few years back, the open-plan office is not so popular in current times. That being said, in many instances, hiring a large open workspace provides the opportunity for you to customise the available space as desired, instead of being limited by predetermined offices and areas. If you want to avoid the open-plan work environment, office screening is the answer.

Custom-Made Curved Screens to Beautify and Separate Areas in the Workspace

If you have an open-plan workspace, there can be many benefits. You can save on the cost of space, air conditioning becomes a great deal easier, and you can be creative about how you set things up (this often helps to better utilise space). However, there can also be a few downsides to an open-plan workspace. Lack of privacy and separated work areas can prove challenging for many employees. But, this can easily be dealt with. At Jax Wox, we offer a variety of custom-made curved screens that are absolutely ideal for separating work areas, as well as improving the appearance of the office space.