Alternative Walling Solutions for the Office

When it comes to the office, design and cost-savings are major factors, especially in our current economic climate. Transient interior spaces have become the go-to for office space planners and designers, who are tasked with creating ergonomic workspaces that can change and adapt with time and as the business grows and expands. There’s a definite need for versatile walling solutions for the office space that currently has little or no interior walls and dividers.

Customisable Patterns & Prints Available for Demountable Walling to Enhance the Office Environment

The modern office environment is one that must be comfortable, functional and, of course, aesthetically pleasing for the customer, as well as those who work there. For many, this seems like a tall order, but for our professional team at Jax Wox, this is simple to achieve. Our secret weapon is our demountable walling and the various customisable patterns and prints available to enhance and even match your current office environment.

Room Dividers for the Office Space – Get Yours Today!

Room dividers have value in the residential home, as well as in the office environment, especially if you don’t want to fork out thousands of rands for permanent structural changes. Construction in the residential and commercial market can be quite expensive. For the business owner that is renting premises, this is the ideal solution to creating separate office areas without having to purchase premises, which ultimately means relocating. Even if you own your own premises, you might not want the expenses and business interruptions that comes with construction work. 

Demountable Walling Advantages & How the Patterns & Prints Can Save You Hassle & Money

Demountable walling is the partition of choice in many industries. You will see this walling in schools, airports, research centres, hospitals, and even in the corporate office space. With this type of walling, the interior space can be completely transformed. By moving away from fixed-wall office layouts, many businesses have been able to get the most out of their office space. You will be able to fully utilise the space available to you and you won’t have to pay large sums of money to have the premise’s structure changed to suit your specific needs.

Demountable Walling – The Drywalling Alternative

Do you need more space to yourself? Do you want to create separate areas in the office? When moving to a new premises is not the best option, doing a little interior alterations could be. When it comes to changing the interior workspace, there are many options to consider, so you are bound to feel overwhelmed with the choices to make and the price of each option.

In the past, permanent changes might have been the norm, but over the years, drywalling became the popular option. Many might have believed that drywalling would dominate the market forever, but that has changed with the introduction of demountable walling. Demountable walling is sustainable, offers an exceptional return on investment, and is also highly flexible.

Specifications for Demountable Walling - Click Here For More Detailed Information.