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Office Partitioning And Walling Solutions
Office Partitioning And Walling Solutions

The Benefits of Using Room Dividers in Your Office

Modern workspaces require modern and flexible solutions. Space is at a premium, therefore it is vital to make the most of the space your business has available. At the same time, you want to support the workflow and provide your employees with a positive and inspiring environment that eliminates potential frustrations where possible. Floor- and desk-based room dividers provide the perfect affordable solution for modern, professional offices. Here are some of the benefits it offers:

Floor- and Desk-Based Dividers

Space is a big concern for in office building. Having enough floor space and utilising it to maximum advantage of your business is crucial for an efficient work setting. New business trends see the increased use of open-floor layouts to encourage communication between colleagues. This can be beneficial in certain settings but is usually not ideal for the corporate sector. Therefore, floor-based room dividers serve as a feasible way to effectively split a large room into compartments. These screens can also be used to create offices and connecting hallways.

Optimising Office Floorspace

 Businesses are constantly looking for solutions to optimise the floor space in their offices. With a new trend towards open floor plans, many offices are crowded. The answer lies with smart and innovative room dividers to create efficient floor layouts for a more effective work environment. Since most office buildings have large rooms, the open space can be optimised by dividing it with temporary walls. Drywalling is feasible but a lot of mess and fuss.

Demountable Walling as an Alternative to Drywalling

 Drywalling is a laborious process that involves a variety of materials being combined to construct a room divider. Although this style of semi-permanent dividers is effective, they take up almost the same width as a permanent wall would. Another downfall is that they are not completely customisable. Removing them is a tedious and messy process too. Jax Wox offers a feasible and completely customisable alternative with our demountable walling solution. Now, you can make the most of your office’s floor space with our slimmer and more attractive dividers.

How to Use Room Dividers Creatively in the Office

 Room dividers have been used in offices for decades. Not only do they allow for an effective layout that directs traffic and provides privacy, but they are also used to create comfortable spaces for people to work in. They can reduce noise and maximise the available office space by creating smaller, individual offices. There are a few ways in which they can be used to increase productivity and to create a more pleasant environment for your employees to work in. These include: